Angel’sLocks, Inc

No Big Shots!  No Little Shots! 
Everyone gets a shot! 
Just real people getting help from genuine folk.  

About Us

Angel’slocks,  is a non-profit organization committed to helping adult individuals in need of  assistance of any sort. We will provide each individual with personalized care.  

Angel’slock's vision is to foster the transformation of any adult requiring guidance with the ills of life, assist adults recovering from cancer treatment,  any type of abuse,  addiction to alcohol and drugs, and assist adults to prevent recidivism. 

Our organization provides transitional housing for individuals whom require assistance realigning themselves as productive members of society.  This is accomplished by residing in a sober living environment.

We empower clients via topical cosmetic transformations, and provide referrals for our clients whom require advanced assistance.  

Upon completion, our clients are empowered to resume the daily mundane tasks required for life.  All services are provided with love, care, patience, and tolerance.

1838 NW 90 Street
  *  Vouchers will be provided to selected treatment centers, and issued per their policy.
  *  Cancer patients contact Angel'sLocks and schedule an appointment for complimentary cosmetic 
      consultation, and service.
  *  Sponsorship of any client available with prior scheduling.


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