Angel’sLocks, Inc

No Big Shots!  No Little Shots! 
Everyone gets a shot! 
Just real people getting help from genuine folk.  

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Our non-profit organization provides services to individuals whom require assistance with  any facet of life.   Should our organization not be able to assist, we will guide you to the required source.  Angelslocks provides sober living housing for those whom require assistance with transitional issues.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, or any violence, it is suggested that you immediately contact 911 for emergency services. 

Angelslocks will also provide hair and make-up services for clients whom have undergone a series of chemotherapy treatments, folk seeking employment, or those whom require simple services for lack of daily maintenance.  There will be no cost to the client whom qualifies for complimentary services.  The cost for other services will be determined on an individual basis.  All services will be provided at minimal cost.  Sponsorship is also available.  Donations/sponsorships are tax deductible.

There are no big shots in our organization.  There are no little shots; everyone deserves a shot at life.  Our goal is to assist and guide you with diligence, referrals, and patience.
Angel'Locks, Incorporated is a 501(3)(C) ''not for profit organization". Donations to our organization are an authorized tax deduction per the Internal Revenue Service, deductable per EIN 45-4536130.

Thank you in advance. A Blessing for you: "May you be the recipient of blessings exceedingly abundantly above all you may desire, and that all donations contributed to Angel'slocks be reaped over and over!"



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